The Almighty Egg

I love creating flips for my guest because I love seeing their face once I crack a whole egg into my mixing glass. Adding egg to any drink adds the viscosity, head, and foam to create an instant classic. Working in North Lake Tahoe, a fantastic ski town people are in a rush to get on the hill. Being in Squaw Valley I usually get customers on Saturday morning looking for some “liquid courage”.  I came up with Egg-Spress-Yo-Self. This craft cocktail will remind you of a Frappuccino Coffee Drink with the kick start to get you on the slopes and skiing the POW!  

1.5 oz. Hennessy VS Cognac

1 oz. Tawny Port

¾ oz. Espresso

½ oz. Simple Syrup

Whole Brown Egg

Garnish: Shaved Dark Chocolate  

In a shaker, combine the Hennessy, tawny port, espresso, simple syrup, and egg. Short Dry shake, then add ice and shake. Double strain into port glass and top with shaved dark chocolate.


Excited to introduce the “MiniBar’s French Toast Flip” to the arsenal.